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Traveling Clinics


Dale Rosenfeld, ARIA Instructor

Dale is available to travel and teach clinics throughout the US or abroad.  Clinics include teaching children safety in handling horses from the ground, understanding psychology and movement of horses, and integrating human and animal chakra connections.  While visiting and conducting clinics, Dale happily helps analyze and set up efficient business plans for the host location.

Running a horse business in Kaua`i for 30 years, plus having a background in marketing from many years in the advertising world in New York City,  Dale is in a unique position to help great horse people become great business people.

A practitioner of TTouch, Healing Touch for Animals, Qi Gong, and her own integrated method “Dancing Chi to Chi”, Dale encourages “Learning with Laughter”.  A former public school Special Education teacher and former lead instructor for a therapeutic riding program, Healing Horses on Kaua`i, Dale willing shares her successful teaching methods with other riding instructors.

Horsin’ Around from the Ground Up:

A Care and Safety Clinic

Topics  Include:
I Herd You
Can You See Me?
These Hooves are Made for Walkin”
The Mane Event
Telling Tails
Scratch It Again, Sam
Tastes like Breakfast
Pughhhh What Smells?
Pearly Whites—Not!
Fit to Ride
To every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn
Girth and Go

Dancing Chi to Chi:

Creating Balanced Animal Relationships

Offered in three parts:  an evening introduction,  a small group interactive clinic with horses, and private in-depth lessons with horses or dogs.

An Evening Exploring Dancing Chi to Chi

Suitable for large groups with or without previous experience in the energy field.  This 2 hour session introduces the concept of chi, the chakras,  and their locations in both 2 and 4 legged animals. Interactive and fun, adults and children are welcome.

Group Chi to Chi with Horses

Groups of up to 4 people interacting with their own or borrowed horses experience Dancing Chi to Chi both from the ground and mounted. Some riding experience is required, beginners are welcome.  This 2 hour experience will leave you better equiped to communicate with your horse during good times and while working through issues.

Private Lessons

Lasting up to two hours, with plenty of time for questions and experiences, Dale will lead individuals and their animals into greater balance.  Energy, behavior, and form to function will be explored.  Fearful or tense riders, horses, and dogs can all benefit from these sessions.  Advanced riders looking to increase communication with their horses will also be enhanced.

Schedule a Clinic

Call Dale to schedule and discuss benefits for non-profit animal organizations.

P.O. Box 269
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 96746
phone (808) 639-0283

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