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Jumping lessons start with poles



I will travel to you and your horse on Kauai.

Individual 60 minute lesson: One person and one horse…..$100

Teaching Techniques

Using teaching techniques developed in part by the American Riding Instructors Association, our certified instructor Dale Rosenfeld introduces and reinforces knowledge of handling a horse from the ground and while mounted.

Lessons utilizing mind-body techniques emphasize fun, safety, a balanced seat, communication with your horse, and personal growth, whether in a Western, Hunt Seat or Dressage saddle.

Learn basic horsemanship skills and preparation for jumping, dressage, or gymkhana.

Gentle stretching routines and stress reduction exercises are done both on and off the horse, and immediate biofeedback from the horse can help you grow.

Visitor Lessons

We have placed our visitor lesson program on hold while we search for a friendly place to conduct them. 

Silver Falls Stables aka Silver Falls Ranch has informed us they no longer want lessons offered there.

When we return….

Beginners through advanced riders can learn while enjoying a horseback ride in beautiful Kaua’i.

Whether your goal is to get comfortable enough to go on a trail ride, to advance to ‘A level’ competition, or simply to try something new, come have fun while you grow.

Take a single lesson, a building block series of lessons, or a trail riding lesson to achieve your personal goals.

Both adults and children (from age 6 up) are welcome. 

Special needs students can be accommodated.

Visitor lessons are available most days except Saturday. Please call to make an appointment.


Individual 60 minute lesson: One person and one horse…..$120

Call to reserve now: 808-822-4688


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Special Needs

We offer lessons for people with special needs.   As each person is different with different needs, we speak in advance to the person or their caregiver to see how we can best create a fun, safe environment.  We have small horses and horses for larger people.  We do not have a hoist or platform, and rain is common in Kauai, so riders need to be somewhat mobile.  The lead instructor has taught Special Education in the public schools and has been teaching horsemanship for 40 years.

Individual lessons 45 minutes at $120 plus $20/helper if we supply side-walkers and leaders.

Call to reserve now: 808-822-4688

Lesson Details

Please check-in ½ hour before lesson is scheduled to begin. All riders need to wear long pants down to the ankles, wear long socks up to the calves, and covered shoes.  We will provide helmets and require them to be worn. Some boots are available to borrow. We will conduct lessons rain or shine.

Riders, please drink water prior to your lesson and bring some to drink during the lesson.

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy.  If guests do not show up or if the lesson is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled ride, we have the right to use the credit card provided to charge 100%.

Lesson prices are tax additional.

Tips are acceptable and greatly appreciated.

Contact us:

Esprit De Corps Riding Academy

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P.O. Box 269
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 96746
phone (808) 822-4688



















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