Esprit De Corps Riding Academy Kauai
Tane on Streak

Father and son learn together


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kids hoofpick each other

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Jumping lessons start with poles



I will travel to you and your horse on Kauai.

Individual 60 minute lesson: One person and one horse…..$100

Teaching Techniques

Using teaching techniques developed in part by the American Riding Instructors Association, our certified instructor Dale Rosenfeld introduces and reinforces knowledge of handling a horse from the ground and while mounted.

Lessons utilizing mind-body techniques emphasize fun, safety, a balanced seat, communication with your horse, and personal growth, whether in a Western, Hunt Seat or Dressage saddle.

Learn basic horsemanship skills and preparation for jumping, dressage, or gymkhana.

Gentle stretching routines and stress reduction exercises are done both on and off the horse, and immediate biofeedback from the horse can help you grow.

P.O. Box 269
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 96746
phone (808) 639-0283


family sharing learning about horses



Learning to feed an apple to a pony.






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Horse Trail Rides and Riding Lessons on Kauai