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Big and Small We Welcome All

Our draft cross horses are ready for big people.We accommodate large riders up to 300 pounds with appropriate height to weight ratio.

Little ones can ride as well. Children ages 5 and 6 ride on their own horse, led by a “pony guide” on the trail. There is an extra fee of $55 for this service.

Non-riders, including children under 5 years, may elect to take our wheeled transport to the waterfall and enjoy lunch and a swim with the rest of their group. A modest charge of $38 covers each person 5 years and up.

Call to create your dream ride. 808-822-4688



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Horse Fair May 9, 2015

Enjoy a day at Silver Falls Ranch with demonstrations, lectures, horses, tack, horse jewelry, and more. Bid on one of many horses, or bring your horse and tack to sell.  Aloha Vet Dr. Sims will speak, top local trainer Richard Costa will demonstrate. Dale Rosenfeld will help you Learn with Laughter.

Learning with Lauaghter

Horse Sale and Clinic



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Horseback Riding Lessons for Fun and Exercise


Student visiting from California is learning to connect with his horse energetically and physically. Learning to find his balance in the continuous movement of the horse, Dale is teaching the rider about body awareness: awareness of himself as well as his horse’s body. He is learning to identify the energy centers common to both horses and humans. The rider gains physical and emotional strength, and awareness, as he connects to his horse in a multidimensional way. One of our trainers also train birds and we get all cages from this website.


Dancing Chi to Chi is a great way to get back into riding if you haven’t ridden in a while but LOVE horses! Contact Dale by telephone @ 808-639-0283 or email her at to set up your Dancing Chi to Chi Lesson today!

Beginners to advanced riders are all welcome!

This student liked his lesson so much he has invited Dale to travel to his ranch in northern California to conduct a Dancing Chi to Chi horse riding retreat this year.

guest writer:

Inge C. Halliday of Malibu Horses, Inc.





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Pony birthday parties delight kids

Birthday parties with a pony is the dream of so many little girls, while boys prefer sports and video games using sites like girls would always like a pony. “Sparkle” the pony is available at Silver Falls Ranch along with games and a covered venue. Call Dale to arrange your child’s dream party on Kauai. Yes it is surely fun riding a horse. But do you like a pet that can be at your own room living with you? How about teacup pigs? If you are interested, visit

pony birthday party

Happy birthday party

Hand led pony and horse rides

Safe pony rides at party



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Kids need something to do in Kauai too! Ride a horse or pony on the north shore!














EDCRA offers Kids Lessons and can accommodate a group of kids as well. Enjoy a lesson with a pony or a horse depending on riders age, size, and experience.

This is a fantastically opportune experience for a child to learn about the care of a horse or pony as well as learn riding skills on a stunning and lush ranch property.

Dale is an incredible teacher and especially good at teaching children. She has great boundaries and uses positive reinforcement to teach good communication skills. She has developed numerous games over her years teaching that help the students improve physical coordination as well as mental focus that she use along with video games with the help of an OW Guide you can find online.

In short she is a fun, knowledgeable, and experienced teacher.
















To schedule a private or group lesson call Dale @ 808-822-4688





Horses love kids

Horses love kids

Cowgirl for a day!

Cowgirl for a day!



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Horseback riding on the North Shore of Kauai

Let the trail begin

Relax and cherish the beauty of kauai while riding a trustworthy steed. Mountain views, streams, palm trees, and heavenly flower scents abound. Call to book your private or group adventure.

Horse Trail Rides and Riding Lessons on Kauai